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World History

Learning Targets

LT1:I can analyze primary and secondary sources to understand a historical event in greater detail.

LT2: I can support my claim with evidence from primary and secondary sources.

LT3: I can write a thesis that addresses the guiding question and support it with evidence from my research.

Task Descriptor

In conjunction with our case study on Pearl Harbor students focused on the question : “Why did the Japanese attack the U.S. at Pearl Harbor?”

They looked extensively at 6 documents. had a background reading (Pearl Harbor 30), watched a video clip of the attack, read first hand accounts, listened to FDR “Day of Infamy Speech”, and looked at the facts of the attack.

Students task was to write an essay that answers the question

Why did the Japanese attack the U.S. at Pearl Harbor?


Essay must be at least 5 paragraphs in length

Must have an introduction (with background information on the attack) – paragraph 1

Must have a conclusion – paragraph 5

Must make a claim (thesis) – end of paragraph 1

Claim must be supported with evidence (from the documents and other class materials) – paragraphs 2-4

Pearl Harbor Essay Graphic Organizer

Rubric Pearl Harbor Essay