How Do I...?

How do I check out a book?

          It's very easy! Simply present your student ID and the book you want to the librarian.

How do I know when my book is due?

          Your book will be stamped with the due date.

          **Library Due Dates:

                    General Books: 3 weeks

               Magazines & Pamphlets: 1 week

               Reference Materials: Overnight

How do I put a book hold?

                  We can get books from any KUSD school through Inter-Library Loan, as long as the loan is approved.  Just fill out a pink slip, located on the librarian's desk.  Please ask if you have questions on the information that is needed.

How do I know when a book I've put on hold is available?

          Your Crew teacher will receive a notice to pass on to you. Please bring it with you to the library when you pick up your book.